Coupons and in-store discounts are sometimes available on our website. Although we can’t always offer the same in-store discounts on our platform, we offer a variety of coupons. The coupons you see on Instacart are manufacturer’s coupons that are automatically applied to the qualifying items in your cart. 

Please note that if the original item has to be replaced with a different item that doesn’t qualify, you won’t be able to receive the discount.

Promotion (promo) codes

If you receive a promo code, you can add it at checkout or add it to your account to use on a future order. You’ll be able to see your available credits and active promotions under the Credits & promo codes section of your account.

You can add active promo codes to your account in the app or on the website.

In the app—

  1. Tap View account under your name at the top of the app dashboard
    • If you do not see View account, tap the three stacked horizontal lines in the upper left corner 
  2. Tap Credit & promo codes
  3. Tap Redeem
  4. Enter the code and tap Redeem

On the website—

  1. At the top right, click either Account or Hi, [Your Name]
  2. From the menu, click Add promo code
  3. Enter the code and click Redeem

Once you’ve added the promo code to your account, you’re all done! The promo is automatically applied to your next order. Please note, we’re not able to apply promos or credits toward fees, taxes, tips, or alcohol items due to local laws and regulations. 

Promotion (promo) without a code

Some promotions don’t require a code and can be added to your account by clicking on the offer’s link. These promotions are only active under the account associated with the recipient’s email address. These will also automatically apply at checkout.